My Platform

Proactive. Responsive. Collaborative.

I intend to practice community based leadership so your voice is heard and reflected in all important decisions.

My background as a policy advisor and community advocate/organizer allows me to already be up to date with the issues OPS is facing. I have the knowledge and relationships to advocate for the solutions to problems before they become a crisis.

Too often politicians listen to the community without acting on their wants and needs. After listening to parents, students, and staff, I will truly fight for the policies that will improve conditions in our schools.

I will work with community members, organizations, and other board members to make smart decisions for OPS. We may not not always see eye to eye, but if we work to try and understand each other, we will ultimately find the best solution that benefits everyone.

My four priority areas:
  1. Addressing the Staffing Shortage | We’ve known for a long time that our schools were facing a staffing crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic has made the issue ten times worse. Teachers are leaving the profession at an alarming rate with not nearly enough new teachers coming in to replace them.
  2. Getting Students Back On Track | After two years of interrupted learning, our children have fallen behind where they’re supposed to be academically. We need to find solutions to help them get back up to speed so that they can thrive and be successful in their dreams to pursue a higher education or a career.
  3. Addressing the School-to-Prison Pipeline | Students of color and students with disabilities face much higher instances of discipline in the classroom and arrests while at school. We need to take a closer look at how we can lower disruptions to student success and the learning environments.
  4. Increasing Community Engagement and Transparency | The way we lay the foundation for systemic change is by getting the community more involved in the decision-making process. I want to make sure that the true stakeholders have a say in the policies and funds passed by the district.