Day 1 of the Campaign

First, I just need to say thank you so much for your support of my OPS school board run. I am completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of encouragement! Day one of the campaign has shown me that I am in the right place and am ready to work together to create the systemic changes we need to improve our OPS schools.

Looking forward to the future, I plan on meeting with OPS stakeholders to discuss what they think is going right so we can expand on those initiatives, but also what challenges they’re facing and what they think needs to be changed. My goal is to tour each school in District 2 to get their perspectives directly from the ground. I have my own ideas for what I think could benefit the community based on my experiences as an organizer in Omaha, but ultimately I do not know everything and need to closely listen to the people these OPS policies will effect.

Are you a teacher, parent, support staff, student, or administrator in District 2 who wants your voice to be heard? I welcome you to reach out to me so we can talk about what is troubling you. I hope to hit the ground running once I’m elected, and I want to be the most up-to-date as possible on current issues so that I can start advocating immediately. Our schools are in crisis mode, and there is no time to waste. The needs of the community are urgent, and they must be treated as such.

Again, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support of my vision of better, safer, and healthier schools for our OPS community. If you want to donate to the campaign, visit this link: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/full4ops

If you want to help out on the campaign with phone-banking, canvassing, and more, sign-up to become a volunteer: https://forms.gle/ueRcfhVuUFFZJJ259